Unfinished To-Do Lists

This is a true Instagram v. Reality moment. I'm trying my hardest to be kind to myself and "count" all the other things I didn't have on my list that I ended up doing (Christmas lists, nap, connected with siblings). Do you fall into the what-does-and-doesn't-count trap?

3 Hardest Steps to Starting a Business (For Some People)

Like most important things, these steps are simple but not easy. At least not for me and I suspect not for you (read: perfectionist who just needs to do/get/be one more thing before making a move).

Progress Over Perfection

In an effort to show up for myself I am putting virtual pen to paper. I haven’t been here in a while, but I’m here now – progress. I’m not going to worry about this being the post that makes or breaks me – avoiding perfection. Process over outcome is essentially the same as “fake it till you make it.”

New Years Resolutions for Non-Hustlers

According to Statistic Brain Research Institute, in 2017 only 9.2% of people who make resolutions felt they were successful in achieving their resolution.

With 2019 just around the corner, why not set yourself up for success? Why not be part of that 9.2%? Instead of stacking up on high hope, take some time to plan out what a great year will look like.

How to Stay Productive Through Burnout

Burnout is real and it can be incredibly detrimental to the work you put forward. Know that you aren’t alone. According to Gallup 85% of employees worldwide are not engaged or actively disengaged. Be kind to yourself, and to your team. Ask for help if you can. Get out when you’re ready.

Quarter Life Crisis

Side Hustle – A product or service that you offer or sell on the side of your current full-time job to earn extra income on the side.  - Side Hustle Academy I have 0 hustle in me. Zero. I'm 26 years old and according to the Internet, everyone in my generation has a side hustle... Continue Reading →

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