Quarter Life Crisis

Side Hustle – A product or service that you offer or sell on the side of your current full-time job to earn extra income on the side.  – Side Hustle Academy

I have 0 hustle in me. Zero.

I’m 26 years old and according to the Internet, everyone in my generation has a side hustle except me. Some of my closest friends have incredibly successful Etsy shops or freelance careers. Sure they may not sleep anymore, but they also have Instagram pictures of brunch with their bestie on a Tuesday and secluded beaches in Thailand (seriously, it feels like everyone I know has gone to Thailand). 

Call it a quarter-life crisis, but for a millennial that should be working towards her passion, I’m feeling a little lost. Okay, a lot lost. Most side hustles are focused on passion or talent.  Unless I can figure out how to monetize finding and consuming delicious dairy-free desserts, I’m shit out of luck.

So this blog is my attempt to make something out of nothing. To side hustle my non-hustle. I will walk you through my attempt to identify a passion, monetize a talent, and live a life beyond my couch.

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