New Years Resolutions for Non-Hustlers

I found my 2018 New Year’s Resolutions and, no surprise, I haven’t completed them yet. True, I have a few days left, but when I made them I thought I would be revealing in the glory of my success by now. In fact, that’s what I think every year. By October I have either squashed all hopes of completing my resolutions or I have forgotten about them all together. According to Statistic Brain Research Institute, in 2017 only 9.2% of people who make resolutions felt they were successful in achieving their resolution.

With 2019 just around the corner, why not set yourself up for success? Why not be part of that 9.2%? Instead of stacking up on high hope, take some time to plan out what a great year will look like.


Try Something New – one of my favorite bloggers Sarah Von Bargen shared this gem. Make a list of the things you have always wanted to try, plan them out, and check them off. This can be anything from trying a new recipe, to taking a class, to writing a poem. You don’t even have to be good at it, you just have to give it a shot.

Conquer a Fear – Bungee jumping? Open water? Spiders? Babysitting? This is the year to get rid of useless fears. Bring a buddy with you for extra support. This will help you when you’re deep in your hustle and about to make a pitch for your first big project. No sweat off your back – if you can swim with sharks you can pitch to them too.

Define Self-Care – Your health is both important and complex. Mental, physical, and spiritual well being all fall into this category. I urge you to pick something that you can stick to and build on. Maybe it’s drinking a glass of water every morning, or journaling every night. Do something that you are confident you can stick with throughout the year. Maintaining a self-care routine is always beneficial.

Make a New Routine – I have been struggling with this one for a long time, but it is so important to consistently get things done! This isn’t a one and done deal. It’s a lot of trial and error. Make a list of things you want to try for an AM/PM routine and take the time to test it out. Ideas include: journaling, walking, avoiding screen time before/after X time, calling a loved one, making a meal, meditation, reading, making a do-list or anything else that YOU need. The Yes & Yes Blog has an incredible online class for creating and maintaining habits. Find it here.

Follow your Curiosity – As an aspiring hustler, one of my biggest challenges has been figuring out what to do. Take time to do your research and gather as much information as possible. This can mean taking an online course on business development, reading a book about marketing, scheduling an informational interview or calling your friend’s uncle because he works for Pixar and damn that sounds cool.

Double up on Resolutions – 2 for 1 goals are my favorite! Try something new + Conquer a fear = Surfing lessons.


Make a Big Goal – If you are the type of person that just needs to think “Yup I’m going to run a marathon” and has actually followed through in a timely fashion – ignore this tip and go on checking off your list of goals. For the rest of us, mere mortals, take that big all-consuming goal and break it up into manageable steps. Instead of “starting a new business,” try “create a business plan and share it with 5 people.” Instead of “run a marathon,” try “run three 5ks, and a 10k.” In other words, make the process of getting to your big end goal, a goal in and of itself.

Recreate the Past – Has “lose 20 pounds” been on your resolution list for five years? Throw it out the window. It’s clearly not serving you. Replace stale goals with something invigorating that you can look forward to. Find an exercise that challenges and excites me, spend a long weekend with my favorite person, save $500 dollars to put towards my trip to Peru. Pick goals that are new and exciting, not daunting and shame evoking.

Go Back to School – Unless you want to. Unless you REALLY want to. Unless you have the financial stability and/or the burning passion to do so. There are a thousand places to take online classes for free or cheap. Save yourself, money, time and heartache by taking some of those. If after taking a few classes you realize you want to know more, then look into school and figure out how to get there. Just know, you do not have to.

Have a few resolutions you’re excited about, toying with, or need help clarifying? Comment below!

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