About C2SH

If you are a millennial lost in the world of side hustles, this blog is for you. If you can’t figure out how to monetize your passion (ugh catchphrase) or can’t figure out what your passion is in the first place, you are in good company.

I started this blog in response to the hundreds of “Side Hustle Ideas to Retire Early” articles on the internet. Most were passion-based, others talent based, but if one more article told me to be an Uber driver, I was going to scream.

So if you WANT to side hustle and have all the wonderful super cool things a lot of millennials have or are striving for (i.e. financial independence, their own business, ability to travel, fancy brunch pics with their bestie) but don’t quite have the motivation to get off the couch – you’re in the right place.

Mostly this will be my trial and error attempts to do things that all of the other blogs say millennial side hustlers should do (shitty things like wake up at 5 am and not as shitty things like bulletproof coffee), but also interviews with successful side hustlers and how to tips (or, more likely, what not to do tips) along the way.

If you need the equivalent of a work-out buddy for your side hustle – subscribe below.

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